London Legal Experience - 2017

In May 2017 Program Officer and law student participant Mark Munnich visited London for a two week placement to experience trial work, stay at Middle Temple Inn and engage in a range of law related experiences and activities.  

The objectives of the placement were to provide the participant with the opportunity to:

  • Gain valuable experiences and direct insight into the legal system of the United Kingdom (UK);

  • The opportunity to shadow leaders in the legal profession and develop practical experience in a legal context;

  • Share their insights, knowledge and perspectives in arranged meetings, seminars or presentations

  • Develop international networks and partnerships with students, lawyers/barristers, diplomatic leaders and other individuals in the UK.

The program is appreciative of the significant support and assistance of

international barrister Felicity Gerry QC, the Middle Temple, Ashurst law firm

and NAAJA for making the visit possible.  The program looks forward to future

placements as an opportunity for university participants. 



Future opportunities

Those involved in the program are looking for new opportunities and ways to support participants to attend international experiences.  In some of our discussions, senior Aboriginal lawyers have talked about the difficulties of engaging in challenging work associated with law and Aboriginal issues, and how gaining new experiences and perspectives outside of our place can be beneficial for development.  To support the program with new opportunities - either by way of donations or connections to create these experiences - please visit our 'support us' page.  


Middle Temple Inn